Английский язык. Как поставить слова в нужной форме?

Use the word at the end of each sentence to form a new word that fits into the sentence. Eg.: 0-service

0.The… in this place is absolutely terrible.I want my money back.(serve)

1.Could you help me make a…I don’t know which phone to buy.(decide)

2.Even very good clothes are quite…in this shop(afford).

3.There are no further…for applying for this job.(require)

4.My mother had no idea that this vase was so…(value).

5.Companies should always tell the…in their advertisements.(true­)

6.Phantom of the Opera is a…music show(sensation).

7.The money they get from donations will them to buy more equipment(able)

8.Eating chips is very…(health).

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